Selected actors and stakeholders, launched by the Open Society Justice Initiative in 2008, provides relevant material concerning the current state of the public's right to information held by public bodies, including all branches and levels of government. With a focus on good law and practice, the website brings together international and domestic lawcase examples and related resources from international and regional bodies as well as more than 100 countries, organised and analysed by topic. The website has excellent comparative studies of asset declaration regimes from around the world. Moreover, it offers a good selection of background literature as well as country evaluation reports on interest and asset disclosure systems.

Global Integrity  

Global Integrity is an independent, non-profit organisation, tracking governance and corruption trends around the world using local teams of researchers and journalists to monitor openness and accountability. Although currently on a hiatus, previous Global Integrity Reports provide a guide to anti-corruption institutions and mechanisms around the world, intended to help policy makers, advocates, journalists and citizens identify and anticipate the areas where corruption is more likely to occur within the public sector. They provide a large amount of useful data on conflict of interest and asset disclosure provisions from a range of countries, and whether these regulations are effective in law and in practice. Finally, the organisation has produced a useful two-page brief on asset disclosure as part of the Transparency and Accountability Initiative's Opening Government: A Guide to Best Practice in Transparency, Accountability and Civic Engagement Across the Public Sector.

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