About the Anti-Corruption Helpdesk

The Anti-Corruption Helpdesk is a knowledge service providing access to on-demand research on corruption and anti-corruption topics for the TI network and selected stakeholders. Through desk research using publicly available sources, our service ensures timely responses to users' enquiries. These enquiries are typically answered in the form of research briefs, drawing upon a wide pool of experts to provide synthesised research, case study insights, and best practices in anti-corruption. As such, the Helpdesk services responds to the professional knowledge and research needs of anti-corruption practitioners, providing timely and tailored responses to corruption-related enquiries.

Who can ask a question?

The service is currently available to U4 partner agencies and Transparency International's network of national chapters.

Staff from U4 partner agencies can submit their enquiries to [email protected].

Staff from TI national chapters can submit their enquiries to [email protected].


When submitting an enquiry to the TI Anti-Corruption Helpdesk, please ensure it meets the following criteria:

Focus: Enquiries must directly relate to corruption and anti-corruption matters.

Impact: Questions should hold potential for advocacy or offer practical utility for anti-corruption practitioners and other relevant stakeholders.

Clarity: Enquiries must be clearly formulated with a specific purpose, avoiding overly broad requests without a clear focus, or encompassing too many aspects of one topic.

Impartiality: Helpdesk Answers provide a balanced and evidence-based overview of a topic, independent of previous TI policy positions on it.

Neutrality: The Helpdesk doesn’t provide specific recommendations or direct involvement in programmes, projects, or policies.

Feasibility: Answers should be realistically accomplishable through desk research.

Our partners

The U4 Helpdesk is operated by the Transparency International Secretariat in collaboration with the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre based at the Chr. Michelsen Institute.

The project is supported by the Swedish Postcode Foundation. Funding for the Helpdesk service offered to TI's national chapters is also kindly provided by the European Union.

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