A Canadian citizen and Brazilian permanent resident, Michener is a Professor of Government at FGV-EBAPE, Rio de Janeiro. He also leads FGV's Public Transparency Program and an Open Society Foundation-sponsored international research network, the Transparency Evaluation Network. His research and writing focus on the politics, policy, measurement, and conceptualization of transparency, freedom of information (particularly in Latin America), and open data, as well as the operation of anti-corruption and accountability policies in Brazil. Michener helped lead the Brazilian campaign for a freedom of information law, drawing international attention to the issue through his blog, Observing Brazil.

His scholarship has been published by the journals Governance, World Development, the Journal of Latin American Studies, The Journal of Democracy, and Public Administration, among others. Michener teaches courses on Transparency and Good Government (MPA, IMBA), Qualitative Methods (MA, PhD), Democratic Political Institutions (BBA), and Public Policy (MPA).

He graduated with a PhD and Master's in Comparative Politics and International Relations from the University of Texas, Austin(2010) and did his undergraduate work at McGill University, Montreal.

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Gregory Michener


Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV)

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Access to Information, Transparency, Policy Evaluation, News Media Independence, Anti-Corruption

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