Prof. Dr. Shiv K. Tripathi has 26 years of learning journey in teaching, research and higher education management while working in India, Tanzania, Germany and other countries. Currently he works as Vice Chancellor, Atmiya University, Rajkot. Earlier, he was working with Berlin School of Business and Innovation as Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Shiv is an elected Director of Humanistic Management Netowrk and lead its' India Chapter. Shiv has been working as a member in UN PRME Working Groups on ‘Anti-Corruption in Management Curricula’ and ‘Poverty Eradication through Management Education'. He has contributed to developing and piloting the PRME Anti-Corruption Toolkit for Management Curricula.

He has supervised 12 students for award of Ph.D. degree in Business Management; and has been a member in Doctoral committees of different universities in India, Tanzania and France. He has published more than 90 articles, book-chapters and case-studies including 09 books. Shiv has been recognized as a Pioneering Professor for promoting sustainable development education jointly by Flourish Prize Initiative, Case Western Reserve University (USA) and UN PRME.

Shiv Tripathi


Atmiya University

Professional Title

Vice Chancellor


  • Asia Pacific
  • Sub-Saharan Africa




Ethics and Transparency in Higher Education Management; Curriculum design and delivery for anti-corruption training; Qualitative research for assessing corruption; Collective action and change management; Transparency and Sustainability.

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