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Transparency International’s Climate Finance Integrity Programme.

Transparency International’s Climate Finance Integrity Programme tackles corruption risks in climate finance from the global to the national level in 14 climate finance recipient countries. The programme’s website provides access to relevant publications including: governance assessments of all the major multilateral climate mitigation, REDD+ and adaptation funds, and national mappings of climate funds in several developing countries. The site also has regular news updates from Transparency International chapters working to shore up climate governance on the ground.  

Climate Funds Update (Overseas Development Institute-Heinrich-Böll Foundation).

Climate Funds Update is an independent website that provides information on the growing number of international climate finance initiatives designed to help developing countries address the challenges of climate change. This site details: where and by whom climate change funds are being developed; the scale of proposed and actual financing; and what countries, regions and types of projects the funds support. It allows organisation of the data by fund, region, sector and country. The Climate Finance Fundamentals policy briefings provide an overview and analysis of the state of international climate finance on an annual basis.

World Resources Institute (WRI).

WRI leads a number of initiatives to address climate governance challenges. The organisation hosts the Global Forest Watch online platform ( that provides comprehensive open source data to help diverse actors monitor forests worldwide. WRI publishes the Environmental Democracy Index on an annual basis and leads a network of civil society organisations working on access to information, public participation and access to justice in environmental issues through the Access Initiative. WRI is also co-chair, with the Government of France, of the Open Government Partnership, and has prioritised open government solutions to drive ambitious climate action.


AdaptationWatch is a growing partnership of organisations from across the world aiming to raise governance standards for adaptation to climate change. AdaptationWatch partners combine cutting edge tools on tracking development finance with world class research, advocacy and capacity building. Transparency International chapters in Maldives and Bangladesh have collaborated with AdaptationWatch partners (including Adaptify and Brown University) to develop and pilot a multi-stakeholder research methodology that sets a standards for the governance of adaptation finance.

Grupo de Financiamiento Climático para América Latina y el Caribe (GFLAC).

The Climate Finance Group for Latin America and Caribbean is an informal coalition of civil society organisations that have developed and employed a common methodology to identify and trace climate finance flows at the national level in Latin America and the Caribbean. National reports available on the site include those from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. The coalition also includes representation from several other countries in the region.

U4: Pathways to REDD+ Integrity.

The U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre aims to support development practitioners who wish to effectively address corruption challenges in their work through applied research, a helpdesk service (co-hosted with Transparency International) and online training courses. The Pathways to REDD+ Integrity stream provides research and analysis on key drivers and solutions for corruption in REDD+ schemes, with in-depth case study investigations into key REDD+ countries.

Climate Transparency Initiative.

The Climate Transparency Initiative seeks to provide credible, comprehensive and comparable information on climate action, with a focus on G20 countries as the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitters. The Brown to Green Report covers easy-to-use information on all major areas, such as mitigation and climate finance and includes detailed fact sheets on all G20 countries. It is published on an annual basis on the eve of the G20 Summit.


CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) works with companies to increase their awareness and action on climate change and deforestation. CDP asks companies to disclose information on the actions they take to reduce carbon emissions from their core business and deforestation from their supply chains. The organisation publishes annual reports summarising global corporate performance on climate change, showcasing best practice actions by corporate leaders and urging companies to increase their ambition.

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