Starting as a lawyer in the field of Anti-Corruption with TI's Armenian chapter, over the past 10 years Khachik Harutyunyan has gained experience of analyzing corruption in its multiple forms and structures. He has authored/co-authored more than 40 research pieces in the field of Anti-Corruption. His regional experience includes Armenia, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan.

He has extensive experience in research and anti-corruption trainings which he delivered mainly in CIS countries and Afghanistan. He has provided services/worked for multiple actors in the industry, starting from international donor organizations (WB, CoE, OSCE) and ending with private sector and academia.

Selected publications

Handbook: “Whistleblower’s Handbook”. Author. TI Armenia. Yerevan, Armenia. January, 2019. Available at:

Article: “Prospects of criminalization of “Illicit Enrichment” in Armenia (pros and cons). Comparative Legal Analysis”. Author. International and Comparative Law Center-Armenia. Yerevan, Armenia. December, 2017.

Report: “Situation of Corruption in Armenia and the Fight against it during 2016”. Co-author. TI Armenia. Yerevan, Armenia. November, 2017. Available at:

Summary Report: “Mitigating Corruption Risks in the Eurasian Region”. Co-author. International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA). Laxenburg, Austria. November, 2017. Available at:

Article: “Regular Funding of Political Parties in Armenia under the light of the new Law on Political Parties”. Author. “We will be monitoring”-Journal of Theory and Practice of Independent Elections Monitoring. Moscow, Russia. May, 2017. Available at:

Report: “Political Parties and Election Campaign Financing in the EaP countries. Comparative Assessment of the potential of the Legal Framework to fight political corruption in the EaP countries”. Authored analysis on Armenia. Promo LEX Association Moldova. Chisinau, Moldova. November, 2016. Available at:

Report: “Corruption in Armenia 2015”. Co-author. TI Armenia. December, 2016. Yerevan, Armenia. Available at:

Report: “Assessment of Legislation and Practice of Private Donations to Political Parties in Armenia”. Author. Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and TI Armenia. August, 2016. Yerevan, Armenia. Available at:

Article: “The Development of Whistleblowing Laws in the United States, Europe, and Armenia”. Co-author: David Schultz and Khachik Harutyunyan. International Comparative Jurisprudence Journal. Published by Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania). Vilnius, Lithuania. December, 2015. Available at:

Article: “Corruption. Overview of Anti-Corruption fight in Armenia”. Author. Caucasus Analytical Digest no.78. Bremen, Germany. October, 2015. Available at:

Fundamental Study-Report: “National Integrity System Assessment. Armenia 2014”. Main author. TI Armenia. Yerevan, Armenia. March, 2015. Available at:

Policy Brief: “Why Whistleblowing should be properly legislated?”. Author. TI Armenia. Yerevan, Armenia. April, 2015. Available at:

Policy Brief: “Why Private Sector should become intensively involved in the Fight against Corruption?” Author. TI Armenia. Yerevan, Armenia. April, 2015. Available at:

Policy Paper: “Models of Specialized Anti-Corruption agencies”. Author. TI Armenia. Yerevan, Armenia. December, 2013. Available at:

Fundamental Study-Report: “Assessment of National Integrity System in Armenia”. Co-author. TI Armenia. Yerevan, Armenia. 2013. Available at:

Expert Review: “Enforcement of Anti-Corruption Laws: Armenia. UNCAC Civil Society Review”. Co-author. TI Armenia and UNCAC Coalition. Yerevan, Armenia. October, 2013. Available at:

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Khachik Harutyunyan


Transparency International Armenia

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Anti-Corruption Expert


  • Europe and Central Asia



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