Actors providing whistleblowing services and advice

A variety of bodies offer either advice on whistleblowing mechanisms or provide reporting channels as a service to organisations in a range of sectors. Some actors include (but are not limited to):  

NGOs and charity organisations: these range from organisations entirely specialised in whistleblower protection to organisations working on organisational ethics more generally. While some provide advice free of charge,[1] some also charge fees for certain services and especially for tailored advice.[2]

Specialised commercial whistleblowing service providers: these typically offer services ranging from tailored advice on reporting procedures to providing hotlines or helplines and case management.  

Audit and advisory firms: similar to commercial whistleblowing service providers, some firms offer commercial whistleblowing services and consultancy to organisations, in addition to a range of other services.  

Law firms: aside from commercial advice, usually from employment law departments, many law firms regularly publish guidelines for organisations or employers on internal reporting mechanisms, both in response to particular pieces of legislation and also overviews of whistleblowing legislation in an international context.[3]


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