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This Anti-Corruption Helpdesk brief was produced in response to a query from a U4 Partner Agency. The U4 Helpdesk is operated by Transparency International in collaboration with the U4 Anti-Corruption Resource Centre based at the Chr. Michelsen Institute.


Please provide a synthesis paper with an overview on the relationship between corruption and rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities. Please also discuss how disability perspectives can be included in corruption prevention programmes.


The literature on the extent to which and how corruption affects persons with disabilities is very thin. Most of the secondary research that is available appears to be qualitative and testimonial in nature. Nonetheless, it indicates that people with disabilities are exposed to abuse by those that provide care, the embezzlement of funds intended to benefit persons with disabilities and extortion in the process of acquiring a disability certificate.

Based on consultations with organisations that work with or represent persons with disabilities, there is extensive first-hand evidence that persons with disabilities can be severely and disproportionately affected by corruption. This impact of this corruption is caused, enabled or exacerbated by discrimination against persons with disabilities.


1. Background: the link between corruption and discrimination

2. How corruption affects persons with disabilities

a. Discrimination increases exposure to corruption

b. Certain forms of corruption are inherently discriminatory

c. Disproportionate impact of corruption on discriminated groups

d. Discriminatory barriers to challenging corruption

3. Corruption, discrimination and the COVID-19 pandemic

4. Including disability perspectives in anti-corruption programming

5. Annex: An Equality by Design approach to project design and delivery

6. References


Matthew Jenkins (TI) and Ellie McDonald (Equal Rights Trust), [email protected]


Monica Kirya (U4), [email protected]




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