I am Professor of Strategy and Anti-Fraud and Cybersecurity Chair Holder at Audencia Business School (France). I receive a Doctorate in Management from the University of Paris (9) doing research at the Management Research Centre of the Ecole Polytechnique (France).

As a tenured professor, I hold a Certification of Research Direction (“Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches”) from the University of Paris (12) (Post-Doctorate diploma for Research Director and Professor). I have been a Visiting Professor at Wharton Business School (Financial Institutions Centre), IESE (Spain), London Business School, the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.

At the present, I am involved in a working group of the United Nations (Global Compact, Principles for Responsible Management Education, PRME) aiming at reducing corruption though curriculum development for Higher Education. I also am currently Research Director of a project to help the government of Bhutan to reduce corruption. My research interests concern economic fraud, corruption, and cybersecurity. My expertise in the field of corruption are :

- Ability to do empirical research (qualitative and quantitative) about corruption,

- Ability to understand the causes of corruption in different contexts,

- Ability to design anticorruption policy,

- Ability to help company to improve their compliance system against corruption,

- Skills in teaching anticorruption courses.

I have published more than 50 academic articles, including several about corruption in the leading journals: Journal of Business Ethics, and Journal of Management Inquiry.

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Bertrand Venard


Audencia Business School

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