Currently I work as a volunteer for several initiatives of popular accountability and oversight to prevent corruption and improve the quality of public policies. I am responsible for the “Citizen Faith Project" funded by the Swedish government through the Interact Mission also from Sweden with the objective of encouraging people to contribute to volunteer auditing. In this project we start a promising partnership with the Federal Internal Control Ombudsman (CGU) for monitoring school feeding by the students themselves using a mobile application. The Citizen Faith is the first project from Ame a Verdade - Evangelicals movement against corruption.

This movement was born when Tearfund, a Christian charity NGO, brought to Brazil the Exposed Campaign, which collected signatures for the end of fiscal secrecy in more than 150 countries, and handed it out to G20 leaders at the Melbourne meeting.

As part of the Exposed Campaign, I work hard for Brazil to join EITI and end with fiscal secrecy, not just in the extractive sector, but all sectors. I believe that transparency is a tool to obtain tax justice, so I am also a member of the Brazilian Institute of Tax Justice affiliated to the Tax Justice Network.

As a citizen, I volunteer representing the users segment on state health council in Mato Grosso state. This year we started to organise a social audit on Mato Grosso state government called "Social Observatory" with the same model which won first place in the Experiences in Social Innovation contest organized by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

Finally, I am an activist in others social auditing initiatives:,, and participating in the TAP Network for ODS 16 Peace and Justice and Institutions in charge. I am available for exchanging ideas about mechanisms to prevent corruption through Superior Audit Institutions; institutional social control and through spontaneous social control and about fiscal transparency.

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Elda Fim


Ame a Verdade




Lawyer, economist, federal auditor at the Supreme Audit Institution - SAI Brazil, currently retired. Volunteer for several initiatives of popular scrutiny or social auditing. Individual member of the Coalition Friends of the UN Convention Against Corruption - UNCAC Coalition.

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