Michael is a Manager in Forensic Risk Alliance's (FRA) Providence office with over 33 years of experience as a forensic accountant and investigator.  He is a trusted corporate security consultant with experience in high-risk, complex government and private sector environments. 

Prior to joining FRA, Michael spent over 28 years with the US Government as a FBI Special Agent working on financial crimes, money laundering, health care fraud, organized crime and terrorism investigations.  During his time with the FBI, Michael served as a Senior Team Leader on the Evidence Response Team. He also spent five years as a Special Agent for IRS-CID investigating tax fraud and money laundering, becoming a specialist in “following the money”. 

Michael also has experience working at Raytheon Company and Kroll Associates where he conducted internal investigations and established insider threat programs. Michael is also a Certified Instructor on Interviewing and has conducted several trainings on Effective Interviewing Techniques. 

Throughout his career, Michael has gained experience in security, crisis management, white collar crime, and other civil and criminal investigations. He is an expert on insider threats, internal investigations, and financial compliance, including monitorships. His experience with the FBI and IRS allows him to act as a law enforcement liaison. 

Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Rutgers University.  He is a member of the ACFE and ACAMS.

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Michael McCall

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