I am a PhD candidate in Business Law and Compliance, under the mentorship of professor Antoine Gaudemet, at the University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas (France), where I received two master's degrees, one in International Private Law and the other in European Law. I have also obtained an advanced master in International Business Law and Management at Essec Business School. During my studies, I have worked in the legal departments of private companies and I have realized the importance of anti-corruption and compliance while doing business in the context of a globalized world. My doctoral research is focused on transnational corruption. The study is aimed at determining the existence of a global law from the Latin Americas' emergent countries' perspective. I am analyzing the tools used by these countries in the fight against transnational corruption and I am doing research trips in Latin America, especially in Colombia. I am also a research assistant at the Paris Center for Law and Economics, and a volunteer and a member of the French Chapter of Transparency International.

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Anne-Sophie Korb


Paris II Panthéon-Assas University

Professional Title

Legal advisor / PhD Candidate in Law




I am a legal advisor in international business law and management with a specialization in anti-corruption and compliance.

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