Danila Serra holds a Master of Science in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and a PhD in Economics from Oxford University. She is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Southern Methodist University. Prior to joining SMU in August 2012, she was an Assistant Professor of Economics at Florida State University. Professor Serra is the inaugural recipient of the Vernon Smith Ascending Scholar Prize.

Professor Serra is a behavioral economist combining experimental methodologies and survey design for the study of corruption, governance and accountability. She has published numerous articles investigating the relationship between non-monetary incentives, social norms and culture on corruption. She has employed laboratory experiments to test the effectiveness of various anti-corruption policies, ranging from the use of online corruption reporting systems to the introduction of competition among bureaucrats supplying the same good or service.

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Danila Serra


Southern Methodist University

Professional Title

Researcher/ Assistant Professor


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  • Americas




Bottom-up accountability and anti-corruption; Experimental methods for the study of corruption and accountability; Social norms; culture and corruption.

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