Vistel Blardone Ganongo Bongo is a senior consultant in the Financial Advisory practice in the Forensic Group at Deloitte's Montreal office. He joined Deloitte initially in December 2013 (until March 2015) as Financial Auditor for the French Cluster Africa before joining the Montreal office in 2017 as senior consultant in Forensic Accounting. He worked for 2 years for competing firms in forensic accounting and audit.

He mainly deals with investigative on fraud and corruption matters as well as in litigation support. His past experiences have allowed him to participate in mandates in Europe, Central and West side of Africa and North America (Canada & USA) in various fields such as telecommunications, aviation, public administration, development projects, banks, construction and transport.

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Vistel Blardone Ganongo Bongo


Deloitte LLP

Professional Title

Senior consultant


  • Americas




Investigations dealing with fraud or corruption issues in Canada and internationally (USA, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East).
Bribery surrounding commercial practices related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act (UKBA) or bribery of foreign public officials (CFPOA).

Data analysis in the areas of fraud prevention, fraud detection, audit support and marketing strategy for clients using analytics and visualization software such as Alteryx, IDEA, ACL, Tableau and Visio.

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