Vitezslav Titl is a doctoral researcher at University of Leuven and holds a second researcher position at Free University of Brussels. His research is mostly focused on political connections, public and education economics. He earned his master's degree in Economic Policy from the University of Siegen, Germany and a second master’s degree in Advanced Studies in Economics from University of Leuven.

He has experince with policy and academic work at the National Economic Council of the Czech Republic, the German Development Institute, University of Siegen and the Secretariat of the European Parliament.

Vitezslav Titl is an affiliated researcher at Econlab, z.s. (a Czech policy think-tank affiliated with the Institute of Economic Studies at Charles University), where he researches the funding of political parties, conflicts of interests of politicians and political accountability. The main project’s outcome ( and research have been promoted as a best practice example by the Sunlight Foundation and it was showcased in “Technology for Accountability Lab, an online course“ led by Stanford University and the National Democratic Institute.

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Vítezslav Titl


University of Leuven, Free University of Brussels and EconLab, z.v.

Professional Title

Doctoral Researcher


  • Europe and Central Asia




political campaign financing, party funding, public procurement, political accountability, public economics, political economics

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