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Can you provide an overview of corruption and anti-corruption in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)?


1. Overview of corruption in DRC
2. Overview of anti-corruption efforts in the DRC
3. References


As the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) emerges from a long period of violence and instability, the country continues to struggle with repeated political crises, weak governance, mismanagement of natural resources and entrenched corruption. On-going fighting over the control of the DRC’s considerable mineral wealth sustains a climate of violence, insecurity and public discontent in the eastern provinces, fuelling the country’s persistent governance crisis and undermining its capacity to escape the trap of mismanagement, conflict and poverty.

President Kabila has declared on numerous occasions his commitment to fighting corruption, but there is neither indication of firm political will, nor evidence of progress beyond the establishment of a strong legal framework, which is rarely enforced in practice. On the contrary, the anti-corruption agenda is often manipulated for political reasons. The establishment of transparent and accountable institutions is further hampered by the existence of a rent-seeking elite and a complex web of political patronage that permeates all sectors of society. 


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