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Can you provide an overview of capacity building initiatives that have been undertaken by donors within the framework of EITI with a focus on civil society organisations?


1. Supporting EITI implementation through capacity building
2. Overview of capacity building activities by donors
3. References


EITI implementation involves a series of activities aimed at increasing transparency and accountability in resource rich countries. The effective implementation of the initiative depends on participation of companies, governments and civil society organisations. It is crucial that these stakeholders have a fair understanding of the EITI process and more specifically of the technicalities around the oil, gas and mining sectors. Capacity building activities have been considered an important factor in the successful implementation of EITI and it has a strong potential to include and encourage local communities to participate in the process.

International donors have played an important role in providing the necessary technical and financial support to these stakeholders. Activities have varied significantly and have focused on different stages of the EITI implementation. Capacity building workshops have ranged from advocacy training for civil society in potential EITI candidate countries to more specific training on technical issues such as tax systems, revenue disbursements and sharing calculations and projections, to training on oversight and dissemination strategy and peer learning. 


Maíra Martini, Transparency International, [email protected]


Marie Chene, Transparency International




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