This report aims to identify the situation of the Public Pension Fund, the size of the indebtedness of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to the Fund, and MOF’s plan to repay its debts. The report addresses the legal and institutional framework that regulates the Agency, as a public institution that has its own moral personality and shall identify the developments and the oversight bodies that supervise the Agency’s work.

It shall identify the Agency’s debts and investments, and an analysis of the challenges and obstacles that impede its work and sustainability. It also addresses the publication and disclosure policy of the Agency’s reports such as the annual budget, and the Boards’ meetings and decisions. This report used several sources such as the relevant decrees, and Pension Agency’s 2016 Annual Report and the relevant reports and policies of the Council of Ministers (COM). Furthermore, several interviews and discussions were held with relevant persons, in addition to the Palestinian Pension Agency’s (PPA) website, and some AMAN reports. However, the researcher failed to conduct interviews with the relevant authorities at the Palestinian Pension Agency.


The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity -AMAN




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