Adam Graycar has had careers in both academia and government. He is Professor of Public Policy at the University of Adelaide (Australia). He has worked in universities in Australia, Europe, USA and Asia. While Professor at the Australian National University he was the founder of the Transnational Research Institute on Corruption.

He acquired extensive policy experience over 22 years in the various senior level posts he has held in both in the (Australian) Federal and the South Australian Governments. He now works extensively and globally with various agencies.

He has two doctorates from the University of NSW, is the author of some 300 scholarly publications, and is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. In 2020 he was the co-winner of the International Anti- Corruption Excellence Award (Academic Research and Education).

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Adam Graycar


Australian National University

Professional Title

Professor of Public Policy


  • Asia Pacific




Prevention of corruption; Quality of governance; Integrity in public administration; Corruption in rich countries; Public sector systems; Measuring corruption

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