Daban Sabir holds a BA in Politics, a LLM in Law degree from University of Portsmouth in the UK. Daban is an anti-corruption activist at Anti-Corruption International and works in the frontline in the fight against corruption in his region. He has also released several publications and analysis related to corruption in Kurdistan and Iraq.

Select publications

2022. Corruption in Recruitment/Iraq, World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews (WJARR), Volume: 13, Issue: 1, January 2022.

2018. Corruption in Kurdistan, International Journal of Research publication (IJRP), Volume: 15 , Issue: 1 , October 2018.

2017. The Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq is The Cost of Corruption, International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications.

2017. Capitalism and the Economic Crisis in Kurdistan, NRT Website.

2016. International Legal Approach to Corruption in Kurdistan, International Journal of Advanced Research.

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Daban Sabir

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Independent Researcher


  • Middle East and North Africa




Corruption in Kurdistan and Iraq

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