Alvaro has a Master Law Degree in Comparative Law in Tor Vergata University of Rome and a LLM degree in international business law from Boston University. Thus, with academic credentials from civil law and common law legal system in the Americas. Currently, Alvaro is a PhD candidate at the University of Chile.

Attorney at Law with 20 years’ experience as Legal & Compliance Manager for large American companies doing business in Latin America. Strong regional experience in law enforcement, anti-corruption laws, ethics procedures, public policy, regulatory, corporate governance, FCPA, environmental framework, social corporate responsibility, consumer protection regimen, legal risk management and data privacy protection regimes. 10 years’ experience as arbitrator for commercial law issues in the Arbitration Center of the Chamber of Commerce of Colombia. Therefore, with corporate experience and judicial / litigation experience in compliance & law enforcement & public policy & risk management in private companies.

Postgraduate Professor in the School of Law at the Rosario University and EAN university in international business law.

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Alvaro Ceballos


University of Chile / School of Law

Professional Title

PhD candidate


  • Americas



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