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Can you provide a short overview on the existing standards and best practices, altogether with the relevant bibliography regarding the adoption of a ethical code and mission statement for energy companies?


1. Codes of ethics for companies: an overview

2. Good practice example in the energy sector: Statoil’s code of ethics

3. Resources on codes of corporate conduct


An ethical code clarifies the objectives a company pursues, the norms and values it upholds and the conduct it expects from its leadership, employees and business partners. They usually include a vision and mission statement followed by more detailed standards and rules for employees, covering issues related to corruption as well as human rights, environment protection, fair competition and the protection of the company’s assets. This answer provides an overview of the main issues related to the adoption and implementation of codes of ethics for businesses and a list of available international standards, guidelines and background studies related to codes of corporate ethics. While these do not necessarily focus on the energy sector, they also apply to companies operating in this field.


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Marie Chene, Transparency International




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