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Please provide examples of programmes, projects, and initiatives in French-speaking countries in West Africa that had a significant impact in tackling corruption in public financial management, for example enhancing transparency in public procurement?


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1. Overview of public financial management reforms in francophone West Africa

2. Initiatives to prevent and curb corruption in the allocation of resources

3. Initiatives to prevent and curb corruption in the management of public resources

4. Strengthening external audit and oversight to curb corruption in public finances

5. References


An effective public financial management system is instrumental for a functioning administration. By streamlining processes and enhancing accountability, sound public financial management systems also have a strong potential to prevent and detect corruption. As such, international donors and development organisations have been pushing for the establishment of better systems and mechanisms to control and manage public resources.

In francophone West Africa, a wide range of reforms and initiatives have been implemented to improve the budget process, ensure more responsible budget execution, better manage resources collected and ensure proper oversight.

Results, however, are very mixed for many of these reforms, some of which are long-term endeavours so it is still to be seen whether they will have the intended impact on corruption. Positive results so far have been achieved in a few areas, such as the introduction of single treasury accounts and integrated public financial management frameworks, which have helped to enhance transparency and accountability and consequently reduce the opportunities for corruption. Other promising practices include the involvement and participation of civil society in both planning and oversight.


Maira Martini and Sofia Wickberg, [email protected]


Marie Chêne; Finn Heinrich, Ph.D., Transparency International




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