Just for Show? Reviewing G20 Promises on Beneficial Ownership assesses the extent to which G20 members are fulfilling their legal and regulatory commitments implicit in the G20 principles one year after their adoption. This baseline analysis identifies areas of strength and weakness in the current beneficial ownership transparency framework of each G20 member country so that progress can be monitored in the years to come. It draws on data collected from expert questionnaires focusing on the key components of each G20 principle.

This report aims to encourage a conversation in each country on where laws can be improved to strengthen the beneficial ownership regulatory framework. Alongside this report we also publish individual summaries for each G20 member, which provide more detailed analysis on an individual basis. The combined findings should be used to help identify which concrete legal provisions should be adopted in order to adhere to the commitments within the G20 principles. Where they exist, Transparency International encourages competent authorities, such as tax and banking regulators, as well as law enforcement agencies, to ensure the strong legal basis is effectively enforced within these countries to close the tap on illicit financial flows to and from their jurisdiction.


Maira Martini, Maggie Murphy




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