This is the methodological note to accompany TI's Sustainable Development Goal parallel reporting tool.

The questionnaire is designed to help TI chapters to assess national progress towards four SDG targets linked to anti-corruption and government transparency – 16.4, 16.5, 16.6 and 16.10. To do so, it covers a broad range of issues related to a robust anti-corruption framework. It aims to assist national chapters to identify areas where the national anti-corruption system leaves room for improvement.

A number of policy areas are covered under each of these four SDG targets. They provide a comprehensive overview of a country’s anti-corruption progress in a way that goes beyond the narrow understanding of corruption captured by the official global indicators.

Each policy area is assessed against three types of question:

* Some questions pertain to the de jure legal and institutional framework. These questions require the researcher to provide a score, which can be used to develop an advocacy scorecard for each country.

* A second type of question require the researcher to provide a qualitative appraisal of the country’s de facto efforts to tackle corruption.

* A final type of question concerns country data from assessments and indices produced by other civil society groups and international organisations.


Matthew Jenkins




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