Rob Gillanders is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Dublin City University Business School, Ireland. He is also a Docent (adjunct professor) at Hanken School of Economics, Finland. He holds a PhD in Economics from University College Dublin. Prior to working at DCUBS he worked in Finland at Hanken School of Economics and Aalto University. His main research interests are in Development, Political Economy and Public Economics, with a particular focus on corruption and governance.

Rob's main research interest is corruption but he is also interested in issues relating to regulation, gender, FDI, and institutions/governance in general. Rob's research has been published in journals such as Economics of Governance, International Interactions, International Tax and Public Finance, The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organisation, The Journal of Development Studies, Kyklos, and Review of World Economics.

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Robert Gillanders


Dublin City University

Professional Title

Assistant Professor of Economics




Empirical studies of corruption; causes and consequences of corruption; regulation and red tape.

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