This Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) parallel report offers an independent review of the government-led 'National Voluntary Review' (NVR) SDG process in Mongolia. This assessment attempts to provide an objective account of the progress made within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Mongolia.

The report provides independent analysis to complement and scrutinise official government progress reports related to SDG targets that focus directly on corruption. It provides a comprehensive picture of national anti-corruption progress across a range of policy areas. More specifically, targets 16.4 (illicit financial and arms flows), 16.5 (reduce bribery and other forms of corruption), 16.6 (transparent and accountable institutions) and 16.10 (access to information) are analysed in depth.

The research is based on 169 indicators developed as part of the global Transparency International project.


Tegshbayar Darambazar
Dr. Ulrich F. H. Andree
Bilguun Odkhu




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