Goals and objectives of the study

- to analyze the level of participation and the real level of influence of citizens, NGOs, associations of small and medium-sized businesses, consulting companies on the legislative process in Kazakhstan,
- to inform citizens about the opportunities to participate in the discussion of amendments having a direct and indirect impact on their lives through the development of instructions for using government portals. The training component should be aimed at improving legal literacy in conditions of limited democracy in Kazakhstan, which corresponds to the 16 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN,
- to write recommendations for government bodies to improve the quality of legislative activity, including the regulation of the concept of lobbying in Kazakhstan, which is recommended by the OECD Anti-Corruption Network, evaluated by Transparency International and GRECO.

Objects of analysis

This study analyzed the proposals received on the Open Government portal "Open regulatory legal acts", on which citizens can leave comments and suggestions onbills, as well as the database of draft laws of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs (Atameken), on which business associations leave their proposals and business entities in Kazakhstan.


Olga Shiyan, Transparency Kazakhstan




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