Consultancies with World Bank, IMF, Inter-American Development Bank, EU Anti-Corruption Project. Author of numerous books, articles and book chapters on corruption.

Select publications

Corruption and Government: Causes, Consequences, and Reform, first ed.: 1999; second edition with Bonnie J. Palifka: 2016;

Corruption a Study in Political Economy, 1999.

International Handbook on the Economics of Corruption, vol.1, 2006; vol. 2, with Tina Soreide, 2011;

Greed, Corruption, and the Modern State, 2015, with Paul Lagunes.

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Susan Rose Ackerman


University of Yale

Professional Title

Henry R.Luce Professor of Law and Political Science


  • Global




Economic analysis of corruption; Political determinants of corruption; Role of international bodies and treaties

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