Topic guides are a series of publications developed by the Anti-Corruption Helpdesk on key corruption and anti-corruption issues. They provide an overview of the current anti-corruption debate and a list of the most up to date and relevant studies and resources on a given topic. 

Each part of this topic guide provides an overview of corruption challenges and major approaches to fight corruption in the delivery of health services, and a compilation of the most up to date and relevant studies and resources on the topic. It considers the challenges involved in both service provision and infrastructure provision as key components of public service delivery. Some issues covered, although cutting across the whole public sector, are particularly relevant to service delivery (for example, management of human resources and decentralisation).

This topic guide forms part of a series of topic guides looking at corruption in service delivery.

The other three topic guides can be found here:

  1. An Introduction to Corruption in Service Delivery
  2. Topic Guide on Corruption in Education Services
  3. Topic Guide on Corruption in Water and Sanitation Services


Iñaki Albisu Ardigó; Marie Chêne


Matthew Jenkins

Contributing experts:

Umrbek Allakulov (Water Integrity Network)

Shaazka Beyerle (US Institute of Peace)

Simone Bloem (Center for Applied Policy)

Claire Grandadam (Water Integrity Network)

Jacques Hallak (Jules Verne University – Amiens)

Mihaylo Milovanovitch (Centre For Applied Policy)

Muriel Poisson (International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP-UNESCO)

Juanita Riano (Inter-American Development Bank)

Marc Y. Tassé (Canadian Centre of Excellence for Anti-Corruption)

Vítězslav Titl (University of Siegen)

Davide Torsello (Central European University Business School)

Patty Zakaria (Royal Roads University)



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