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This Anti-Corruption Helpdesk brief was produced in response to a query from one of Transparency International’s national chapters. The Anti-Corruption Helpdesk is operated by Transparency International and funded by the European Union


What are the latest and most innovative tools and indicators which can be used to assess and measure corruption?


  1. Measuring corruption: evolution and challenges
  2. Corruption data sources and types
  3. Using objective data to assess corruption
  4. Recommended resources / further reading


This paper provides an overview of the latest trends in corruption measurement. It starts by explaining the main challenges in the field and briefly reviewing the different types of data available for researchers, policy-makers and practitioners. It also touches upon the main advantages and disadvantages of each data type. The third section then discusses the current push for objective and change-sensitive corruption measurements. Finally, a few examples of the latest academic research in the field are provided to illustrate the methodologies and types of indicators being produced.


Roberto Martinez B. Kukutschka, Transparency International, [email protected]


Casey Kelso, Transparency International




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