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Please provide information on best practices in transparency of business associations, including any examples of other chapters working on such initiatives.


Transparency International Chile is working with SOFOFA, the main business association in the country, to develop some transparency standards for this kind of organisation. The idea is to design a portal where the association can share important information and to establish these standards as a benchmark for other associations.


  1. Best practice in transparency of business associations
  2. National chapter examples
  3. References


With the exception of the Governance Principles for Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce developed by the Center for International Private Enterprise and the World Chambers Federation (2011), there appears to be very little available in terms of guidance, standards or best practice with regards to the transparency of business associations.

There are, however, various transparency standards for non-profit organisations which may have some relevance to business associations given the similarity of their governance structures. There is also some guidance on how to promote greater transparency among special interest groups (including business interest groups) regarding their activities in lobbying for specific policy and regulatory outcomes. A selection of these standards is therefore presented in this Helpdesk answer.

There do not appear to be any examples of Transparency International national chapter projects targeting the transparency of business associations. Nevertheless, a number of Transparency International chapters work with groups of companies, including business associations, to promote transparency and good governance in the private sector. A selection of these is also presented in this Helpdesk answer.


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