I have been working in the anti-corruption field since 2009, beginning in Transparency International's Defence and Security team. I subsequently worked in business risk consultancies, advising diverse businesses and organisations on corruption and money laundering risks in Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to starting my research work, I worked at CDC Group, the UK development finance institute, supporting businesses and financial institutions in emerging markets with anti-corruption and anti-money laundering programmes.

Alongside my research, I am an expert contributor to the Transparency International Helpdesk and undertake assignments relevant to my research for business and international development consultancies.

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Thomas Shipley


University of Sussex

Professional Title

Doctoral Researcher




Comparing three Nigerian states, my thesis explores how the quality of sub-national governance influences the effects and intended goals of anti-corruption mechanisms. It seeks to deepen analysis of corruption by examining localised issues, considering what anti-corruption policy responses are feasible in more defined settings.

My wider specialisms and research interests relate to my professional background and include business integrity, anti-money laundering and extractive industry governance, generally but not exclusively in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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