Senior Adviser associated with the World Bank Group, Council of Europe, UNDP, EU, Transparency International, ISO 37001 national agencies (e.g. Accredia - IT, Belac - BE). Experienced lawyer specialized in anti-corruption, good governance, ethics, public administration reform (PAR), transparency&accountability, financial/asset/COI disclosures, justice reform, whistle-blowing, public procurement, AML/CFT, asset recovery, human rights.

First hand experience in Macedonia-FYROM, Bulgaria, Russia, Jordan, Morocco, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Moldova, Venezuela, among others.

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Francesco Clementucci


World Bank Group, Italian Anti-Corruption Agency (ANAC), Council of Europe, UNDP, ISO-ACCREDIA

Professional Title

Senior Advisor


  • Americas
  • Europe and Central Asia
  • Middle East and North Africa




Ethics, transparency, financial disclosures, conflict of interests, justice reform, whistle-blowing, public procurement, AML/CFT, asset recovery, ISO-37001; Legislative corruption (corruption-proofing methodologies); Corruption in the prison system; in the public procurement; in and by the private sector.

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