Krista Lee-Jones is an independent consultant whose work focuses on anti-corruption, good governance and human rights, primarily in the Pacific region. Krista holds her Masters in International Law of Human Rights and Criminal Justice from Utrecht University in The Netherlands.

Most recently she was engaged by the United Nations Development Programme to provide technical assistance as part of the United Nations Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption Project. As part of this project, she assisted Pacific Island nations in the completion of their self-assessment checklists as part of the review process for the United Nations Convention against Corruption.

Krista is an experienced researcher, and has provided policy research and advice to both national and international organisations.

Selected publications

UNODC/UNDP, (2016) Criminalisation and Law Enforcement, The Pacific’s Implementation of Chapter III of the UN Convention Against Corruption (primary author).

UNODC/UNDP, (2016) International Cooperation, The Pacific’s Implementation of Chapter IV of the UN Convention Against Corruption (primary author).

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